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Ensure Everyone Shares in the Recovery

“A rising tide lifts all boats.” On Council I will work with our schools and local organizations to help our most vulnerable residents, repair our social safety net, and expand essential services to help families struggling to make ends meet. We must also budget for recovery and beyond by maximizing efficiencies to direct funds to City programs that make the most impact quickly. 

Support Small Businesses and Get People Back to Work

A thriving local economy will drive our recovery. Putting safety first, we must help existing small businesses adapt to changing times and stay open, while encouraging new entrepreneurs to choose Fremont and succeed. And, by bringing the best of public and private partnerships together, we can create new local jobs and employment opportunities for all.

Recommit ourselves to
Investing in Infrastructure, and
Tackling our Housing Affordability and Homelessness Crises

Our Housing Crisis never stopped with the pandemic. I will fight for regional dollars to build necessary infrastructure and keep Fremont affordable for long-time residents and seniors, as well as young professionals and families. I will challenge the developer community to build housing that makes sense, and that respects our unique community character.

Bring Smarter Solutions for Safer Communities

Fremont has long remained a destination for families and new residents looking to build their lives, because of our great amenities and safe neighborhoods.  I will increase Investment in Community Policing Tactics, and encourage an expansion of our community service officer program and bring in new resources and mental health service officers to accurately respond to emergencies and help those in need. 

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