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THE OFFICIALLY ENDORSED by the Democratic Party and the
San Jose Mercury News


Developers and outside interests have had too much influence in our City for too long. That's why, I've taken the pledge to make our Campaign completely 
People Powered. No Developer Money.

No Corporate Special Interest Donations.

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I'm Yogi Chugh!

Husband, Father, Small Business Owner and Community Activist

For 35 years I've lived in Fremont and I have raised my family, and started my small business in our District. After serving as a Fremont Planning and Economic Development Commissioner and on the boards of the Fremont 4th of July Parade, the Fremont Education Foundation, and Drivers for Survivors, I'm ready to make sure that Fremont is ready to recover from uncertainty ahead.

On the Issues

As a board member of many locally based non-profits, Yogi has seen the power that people centered decision making can have to unite our communities.

Learn more about Yogi's solutions to our community's most pressing issues.


Championing Housing Affordability


Expanding our Social Safety Net and Ending Homelessness






Bringing Smarter Solutions for Safer Communities


Partnerships between City Hall and Our Schools



Supporting Small Business & Modernizing our Aging Shopping Centers


Our District 6

In 2017, the Fremont City Council adopted a transition from at-large to district-based elections with an ordinance approving six new Council districts. 

The 6th District includes the communities of South Sundale, Blacow, Grimmer, and Irvington, in the Heart of Fremont.  Do you live in District 6? Click on the Link Below to find out!

What Are People Saying About Yogi?

“Yogi Chugh is the clear choice for Fremont City Council District 6 because he is a leader we can be proud of . For the past 35 years, he has lived in our community, raised his family and started a small business. He is passionate about Fremont, and is committed to keeping our City a livable place for everyone. Yogi is ready to put politics aside, roll up his sleeves and bring bold solutions to address our economic, housing and traffic challenges. I’m endorsing Yogi because he is a leader we can count on, to represent our values and vision for Fremont at City Hall.”  
Ro Khanna, US Congressman, CA-17

"Yogi Chugh is a fierce fighter for justice, and a unifying voice on the issues that affect Fremont families. His involvement in the community as a parent and neighborhood advocate, and his leadership as a Planning and Economic Development Commissioner in the City proves that he is ready to lead on day one on the City Council. I am pleased to endorse Yogi for Fremont City Council.”
Betty Yee, CA State Controller

“I have known Yogi for more years than I can remember and in more roles than I can imagine.  I know him as a person who takes on challenging tasks, big and small, and always delivers a good job on time.  I know him as a person who understands the value of sound city planning principles in building and keeping a community (Fremont) unique and special, especially in protecting existing residential areas and keeping development off of our hills.  He is committed to Fremont and has always lived up to that commitment”.

Gus Morrison, Fremont Mayor (Ret.)


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